The Yiramiilan Project presents

Wiradjuri. Online. A new online hub for Wiradjuri language materials, culture
and community.

The Yiramiilan Project Aboriginal Corporation is currently developing its branding
as well as its two websites: and

Once this is complete, will be launched as the new home for Wiradjuri
online, featuring a new growing collectiion of Wiradjuri language materials,
and an online store where Wiradjuri People can sell their cultural creations
and language materials such as the Wiradjuri Dictionary will be available
to purchase.

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The Yiramiilan Project Aboriginal Corporation (ICN 8184, ABN 31 548 363 209) is a registered charity dedicated to rebuilding
the Wiradjuri Nation. We acknowledge the Wiradjuri People and their Elders as the custodians of Wiradjuri Country.